Non-clicker conditional split on a specific link pulled from a profile property

  • 16 November 2023
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I have a welcome email in a flow where it is really important for the recipient to fill out an onboarding form. If they don’t the client can’t provide the services required.

So, I wanted to create a follow up email to those who have not clicked on the onboarding form link. I could do the follow up to those that haven’t opened or clicked the email but this isn’t as specific as I want. I really need to isolate non-clickers of the specific link.

My issue is that this link is unique to every recipient and is dynamically pulled in from the customer’s profile i.e. {{ person|lookup:"enrolment_phase_two_typeform_link" }}

I thought I’d found a solution by going down the route of the whether they filled out the Typeform form but this has complications based on how the client has set up the form.

So essentially I need to isolate a specific clicked link that is pulled in as a custom property. Another solution that is ALMOST there is shown below. If I could make that second selection contains rather than equals it would work but it looks like the only selection possibilities are equals.

I may have to go down the non-clicked/non-opened route but just wanted to ask in here to see if I’ve missed anything.

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You are in the right place to solve your problem!

Thanks for the detailed overview, I didn't quite understand the part where you explain why typeform compilation can't be included. In the end it would be enough to simply insert the condition linked to a compilation regardless of the specific form.

I would recommend that you insert a delay before verification on a conditional split, depending on the business you will know what is the correct timing.

You should be able to do the official integration with typeform as shown on the screen:


And proceed later to create the segment as per the screen:

Alternatively, but I don't know if it will work for you...
You could create a separate list (not the one they are already in) that users go to when they fill out forms from typeform, at which point you would just always enter the exact timing and conditional split based on "if somone is in or not in a list" and you'd have a way to differentiate who did or did not fill out the form.


What do you think?
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Hi Gabriele


Thanks for the explanation and this is how I initially built it. However, because of the way the client has constructed the Typeform and the info they are collecting (secondary email contact and phone numbers) this is causing issues with Klaviyo. Basically the person enters a secondary email and it makes the secondary email a profile which is not what we want. As a result I’ve had to disconnect that specific form from feeding in to Klaviyo.

This is why I’ve gone down the non-clicker route. At the moment I have it set up so that anyone who hasn’t opened or clicked the email gets the follow-up form. I still haven’t worked out a way to isolate the specific link as they’re all different.

A very complex one!



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I'm very sorry that you're in this complex solution, certainly it's perfectible if you could define the click, but it still seems to me a workable solution that you've found.

In the meantime I am looking for other solutions that might work, in case if I find it I will update the thread.

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Thanks very much Gabriele

I will let you know if I come up with anything also