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  • 22 January 2024
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Hello Community!

I have an unpaid account (still) and I have been trying to send previews to test flows and templates. Despite notifications saying “test email sent successfully” I have not recieved test emails to my, and organisation emails.


Would love to know if anyone has experienced the same problem or knows of a potential solution.

5 replies

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Hello @Top Change 

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble receiving your test emails, that can be pretty frustrating. There might be a couple of reasons why you are not receiving your test emails, but given you are on a free account, I would double check your volume sent MTD to be sure you have not reached/exceeded the allocated free messages. 

To verify this, go to your Billing (Lower left corner under your account name) > Overview Tab. Then scroll down to the Profiles and emails. 

If you have exceeded your monthly free emails, this may be limiting your test messages from coming because all emails sent, tests included, count towards your monthly total. 

I’d check this first and if you still have additional emails for the month, then we could see if your test messages are getting filtered to junk (this tends to happen if you receive a test message and always delete them from your inbox when you are done proofing...)


@In the Inbox 


Thanks Richie,

Unfortunately the email monthly usage is at 0% (0 of 500), so a little tied unfortunately :(..

Just had a look and unfortunately looks like the test haven’t been recieved to my junk folder either.



Top Change



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@Top Change this might be a silly question, but have you checked to make sure there aren’t any typos in the email addresses you were attempting to send tests to? I’ve done this before, and thought the test sends weren’t going through, but when I double checked I realized it had a simple solution!






Hi Gabrielle, thanks you for the suggestion unfortunately no such luck - the emails have been inputted correctly. The pop-up after clicking send test is still saying “test email successfully sent” but is not recording in my volume and I’ve not received any tests :(

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Hi @Top Change - how frustrating!


I’m sorry to hear this has continued to be an issue for you. It sounds like there’s something going on with your account or email settings, or maybe a Klaviyo bug…


If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you bring this question to Klaviyo support in chat or by submitting a ticket! @stephen.trumble might also be able to help you escalate this…