Notification of Form Details via a Flow

  • 6 January 2023
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We have Form set up where a customer can request that we contact them to supply a quote.  They need to tell us their buying Time Frame via radio button (ASAP, 1-3 Months, etc)


The confirmation email is cc’d to our sales team.  That works.


Trying to figure out how to email the sales team the answer to the Time Frame question, and the customer phone number if they provided it.   We set up a Flow with a Notification.   During our testing the email is Skipped because No Recipients.  We do have an internal email address in the Send To field in the Configuration section of the notifications.


Two questions:


What are we missing here to get the Notification email to be sent to the internal email address?  Or open to a better work flow.


Also, what is the coding to get the Contact’s phone number into the notification email?

{{ contact|lookup:'Phone Number' }} and {{ person|lookup:'Phone Number' }} dont’ work.


Thank you!






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Hi @northshoreann ,

Welcome to the Community. 

I feel like there could be some workflow optimization on how your customers submit info and how your sales team contacts your customers back.

I would consider setting up a flow with conditional statements that are based on the answer of the customer’s time frame choice. Then having emails that go out from each of those choices with answers that would come from the sales team.

I suspect that the issue may be that the phone number format is not what Klaviyo is expecting. Typical format is shown below.

Phone Number {{ person.phone_number }} ex. 617-555-5555


Let me know what you think.


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@northshoreann  The email address that is supposed to receive the notification from the flow - did you complete the opt-in process?


You can see the directions for that here.

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@Jessica eCommerce Badassery   Thank you, but Opt-In was done


@alex.hong   Thank you, Just trying to get the basic email sent to the sales team right now before we try to optimize in any way.  {{ person.phone_number }}  isn’t working in the Preview.


{{ person|lookup:'Cloud Quote' }}   does work in the Preview.