Notifying Recharge Customers of Surprise & Delight

  • 16 October 2023
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I’m working on a churn prevention flow for our Recharge subscribers. The goal of the flow is to enable customers to add a free gift to their 3rd subscription order and I’m a little stuck on how to set this up.

I’d like to use Recharge Quick Actions to allow a customer to add the free gift to their order, however, I’m not sure how to set-up the flow logic so that the customer gets the email 1 week before their 3rd subscription order renews. 

I believe Recharge Quick Actions can only fire in a flow if the flow metric is “Upcoming Subscription Order” (which triggers 3 days before an order - that’s too close to the order date) and “Started Recharge Subscription”. If I were to use the “Started Recharge Subscription” metric to kick off the flow, which trigger filters can I use to ensure the customer only sees the email ahead of their 3rd subscription order?

Is anyone using a different tool that integrates with Klaviyo to add gifts to upcoming subscription orders?

Thanks so much!


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Hi there @Madelena V


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


Yes, it seems that out of the native ReCharge metrics available, “Started Recharge subscription” might be the best available, however, is there a standard time that everyone triggering this metric waits until their third subscription? For instance, are there different subscriptions people can buy that offer different amounts of time before their next shipment? If so, this might be a limitation of adding a time delay in this hypothetical flow until 7 days before the 3rd subscription is sent. 


This might be the perfect instance to add a custom metric that would only trigger 7 days before the third subscription will send and then you can add a flow email with the Recharge Quick Action URL. Additionally, I think you should consider having a flow filter that would exclude anyone who has cancelled their subscription in either flow choice to ensure that someone isn’t getting this email who recently unsubscribed from your subscription.


I would talk to your developer or  a Klaviyo partner if you’re interested in setting up this custom metric. However, I wonder if any of our Community Champions have any experience with ReCharge and can offer their insights on other possible solutions? @In the Inbox @Spark Bridge Digital LLC @Kylie W @Ashley I. ?


Hope this helps!



Hi @Taylor Tarpley

Thank you for this! You are right - we offer different renewal windows to our subscribers so not everyone will be renewing their 3rd order at the same time - so we cannot use a time delay. 

To clarify, would the custom metric be created from Recharge data and then be used in Klaviyo to trigger the flow? Would we still be able to use Quick Actions in this instance? I’m not sure quick actions can work if a custom metric triggers the flow. 

Thanks again for your help!


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Hi @Madelena V 

What a wonderful idea for your customers!

I think the track that you and @Taylor Tarpley are on is best, especially with the custom field. As well as catering for those that cancel their subscription, you need to cater for those that may pause or skip a subscription. 

When thinking of the flow, you may want to allow for a reminder to be sent too.

Sorry I am not able to add any more helpful insight.


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Hey @Madelena V ,

Do the customers need to pick a variant for the free gift? Or is it just being placed in their 3rd order? If they don’t need to pick a variant, things get easier!

What ecomm system are you using? Shopify Plus at all? There might be a way to handle this with Shopify Scripts/Functions. Alternatively, is there anything you can do with your 3pl if no variant needs to be picked?



Hi @Akers Digital!

Good question - I hope I’m answering this correctly! We are asking them to “claim” their gift via quick actions because we are AB testing two surprise and delight offers (a free full size gift vs. loyalty points for them to spent.) I’m using Klaviyo to determine the recipients of the test by splitting our traffic between two emails - Email A where customers are claiming a full size gift (via quick actions) and Email B where customers receive loyalty points in their account.