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  • 1 October 2021
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Hi, how can I implement the result of the resultpage from my Octane AI quiz in a remarketing e-mailflow in Klaviyo?

So: Someone fills in the quiz and gets a result but don't ordered it but filled in their name and e-mail.
How can I show them the product in klaviyo that they 'landed' on. Is there maybe a personalized URL? 

Thanks in advance! 


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Hello @Willem Peeters,

Great question!

I’m no expert in Octane AI but I’ve heard @retention is fairly familiar with it and may be able to lend a hand and fact check me here. From my experience results from an Octane AI quiz should be collected as a custom profile property of the profile/contact who filled out the form. Because the results are collected in this manner you can reference the property value of these results dynamically within an email by utilizing the “lookup” filter such as {{ person|lookup:'Custom_Property' }}. This is further explained in both the About Custom Properties and Guide to Properties Help Center articles.

Alternatively, in the event your Octane AI quiz result leads the quiz taker to a product page, because this person is now cookied from the quiz, this contact should now be cookied and trigger the Viewed Product event/metric upon reaching the product page. This in turn would cause this contact to go through a Browse Abandonment flow if all they did was view the product and not reach the checkout page or be served the Abandoned Cart flow if they did view the product, added it to their cart to purchase, but did not complete the checkout process. I would suggest taking a look at the Creating a Browse Abandonment Flow and Guide to Creating an Abandoned Cart Flow Help Center articles to learn more about these two flows. @ashley_mcdermott also has a great Community post detailing the difference between these two sort of flows and how they interact with one another which I’ve included below:

If you need it, I’ve also included Octane AI’s documentation on integrating and various use cases leveraging Octane AI with Klaviyo below:

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!