[Off Topic] Automatting newsletter emails in Office and Outlook? a data/newsletter email template question

  • 16 August 2021
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A department at work sends out email newsletters containing news from various regions (Africa, Asia, Europe, etc.) and classified, hyperlinked news headlines from each on a regular basis. They organize it in Word and then send it out via Outlook with hyperlinked headlines. Every time, they have to do this manually, and I get the impression they despise it. Perhaps there is a better approach than mine, but my first thought was to create an email template that could automatically update the template with data from an excel sheet. Most themes on the Internet (MailChimp, etc.) are fancy marketing-types that we don't needs. We desperately need a better approach to display a large number of distinct bits of data. What are your thoughts on this? I'm not sure if it's doable, but could we automate this process so that we can simply drop a URL into a spreadsheet and it grabs the headline and hyperlinks it for us? Thank you in advance for your assistance! Our computers run Windows 10 Server, but we also have Macs.


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Hello @chrisjordan,

Thank you for sharing this with the Klaviyo Community.

I recommend exploring using a custom web feed to display your data. A web feed allows you to dynamically populate a feed of data from an external URL within a Klaviyo email. Before sending an email, Klaviyo makes an HTTP request to the URL and fetches the data. The content of the web feed is then available for use in your email. You can find more details on getting this set-up in our article on using a custom web feed. Once this is set-up, you would finish designing the email, save the email as a template and send the newsletter as a daily/weekly/monthly campaign with all of the data contained in the feed.

Alternatively, you can hyperlink a URL to any piece of text or any image inside of a Klaviyo email to lead people directly to the article(s) in question.

In terms of the automation portion, campaigns are not automated (and there is no way to automate campaign sending in Klaviyo). Klaviyo’s automated email sending is done via Klaviyo flows, which you can set-up to send a newsletter every X amount of days. For example, send newsletter 1, wait 7 days, send newsletter 2, wait 7 days, send newsletter 3 can set-up a flow to send dozens of flow emails in advance. Unlike campaigns which are sent at will, flows can only fire if they are triggered by something. And flows have different types of triggers, I recommend exploring our article on Klaviyo flows for more information on the various ways you can trigger your flow to start dispatching those newsletters to your audience. 

I hope that is helpful!