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  • 1 December 2023
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I am creating transactional emails. We use Bigcommerce and the integration is setup. I used a Klaviyo template but it doesn’t have all the information in it that I would like to include. I need the following.

  • List of dynamic tags (is that the right term) so that I can pull in the shipping address and other information that is specific to that order.
  • I also need to pull in the ship method as this shows the customer the ship date and expected delivery date.  We ship plants so it’s important that they are well aware of this!


If there are any other KB documents that would be useful while I set this up.  Is the shipping confirmation part of this flow, or is it it’s own flow?


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3 replies

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Hey @Dee LT 

Thanks for reaching out for help with your order confirmation emails using event data from BigCommerce

Unfortunately shipping information is not currently passed with the BigCommerce and Klaviyo integration. This means that we do not have dynamic variables to use in the template to populate this information. You can find all of the data that is passed in the article I linked above.

If you know how, or work with a developer, you can build a custom integration using our API guides between the two that would pass this event information, or use a third party tool to accomplish this. If you need help finding a developer, you can check out our Partner Directory to find an agency that can set this up for you.

Hope this helps and thanks again for being part of the community!

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Thanks for those links.  So we do use Shipstation.  Where can I find all of the dynamic variables passed from Shipstation?

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Hey @Dee LT 

You can find the correct event variable to use by clicking on the email in the flow that you want to include the dynamic event data, next click Configure Content> Edit Content> Preview. You’ll see a popup saying, Choose a recent event to preview with. In the window, you will see a recent event that corresponds with the flow trigger in your use case you would trigger the flow with a shipping event from Shipstation. For example, in an Abandoned Cart flow email, the preview window will show a recent Started Checkout event. To view a specific event variable, click on any line of data to reveal the associated template variable. The variable will appear within a gray box at the bottom of the window. List entries are numbered starting at 0 (not 1, as this information is brought over in an array), and this number does not equal the item quantity. For instance, if {{ }} is the variable entry for an image, the 0 indicates that it is the first item in the array.

You will need to copy the variable exactly as it is in the preview to make sure it populates correctly.

Sorry I dont have any event data from Shipstation to mock up exactly but the concept is interchangeable. Hope this helps.