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  • 19 November 2022
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Hello, I’ve already read the guide on how to do this but I feel like I’ve missed something.

I’ve integrated Klaviyo to my Shopify Store, and made a product-specific flow. After placing a test order for this product, the flow didn’t trigger.

The way I understood the trigger is - $value equals (insert product name) text

Full product name is “Redoubt of Tranquility Meditation Bracelet”

What did I do wrong?



Best answer by Brian Turcotte 21 November 2022, 17:55

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Hi @mdesnica95 and welcome to the Community!


Typically, the $value dimension is actually a number that points to the dollar price of the item, so unless you have configured otherwise, it’s probably not the dimension you should use in this instance. Is this the Help Center Article you read?
How to create a product-specific flow

If so, it actually suggests to use either the Items contains list dimension or the Name contains text dimension to filter for the desired product:

It’s also important to note that you must have metrics in your account (someone must have ordered a product) in order for the dimension fields to populate.


As mentioned in a response to the following Community post, you could also filter by other dimensions like a product’s SKU, collection, etc., depending on your use case and what is passed in your Ordered Product metric:


 I hope this helps, and thanks for using the Community!


- Brian