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  • 15 February 2022
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We’ve got fulfilment issues and are looking to ‘pause’ our flows as they are promotional emails.

The flow contains 7 emails across 100 days. Ideally we’d like to ‘freeze’ the activity so that if someone is queued up to receive email 2 they, they stay there and don’t flow through, and once we’re ready to put the flow back live, we can manually send out emails to queued people (without them being queued up for multiple emails) and resume the activity from where it was.


I’m aware that emails can be put on ‘draft’ but I believe that doesn’t prevent people from ‘flowing through the flow’ so someone might end up being queued up for multiple emails (depending on how long it’s paused for). 


Has anyone got any idea of how best to approach this? 


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Hi @rvmc2022,

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing fulfillment issues currently, however, you should be able to achieve the “pause” you are looking for by setting all of the messages in your flow to “Manual” mode. This will essentially hold contacts in a particular message under a status of “Review” until you manual review and send the message to them. 

Once you have all your messages in Manual mode then users will be held in that particular step until you either cancel the message or send them the message.

I hope that helps!

@In the Inbox