PayPal Abandon Cart Gap

  • 24 February 2023
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Hi all,

We’ve recently set up an Abandon Cart series, that is triggered after a user has:


  1. Logged in / created an account
  2. Started the checkout process

However, we are not able to send an Abandoned email to any users who have chosen to start the checkout process using ‘PayPal’, there is a considerable volume of potential customers here so looking for insight and feedback on what we may be able to do to resolve this gap in our communications.

Many thanks,


Best answer by alex.hong 24 February 2023, 20:38

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2 replies

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Hi @Kespar_Tom ,

Welcome to the Community.

One thing to note would be the type of integration you use for your store. Unfortunately, the ready-built Shopify integration doesn't recognize PayPal orders in the "Placed Order" events that are passed into Klaviyo. 
In order to track PayPal orders as a "Placed Order" event, you'll need to first create a custom API metric that passes information from PayPal into Klaviyo. For example, it could be called "Placed PayPal Order," and then you'd use it as a another flow filter like so:

  • AND "Placed PayPal Order zero times since starting this flow"

To create the custom API metric, you might find this guide handy: Setting Up API-based Transactional Events.


But in other cases like with WooCommerce, it can be possible with some workarounds. If your customer order notes indicate a status of "processing" for this order, then I "believe" you need to update the client's WooCommerce integration with a new order status using this code: "extra_placed_order_statuses": [ "processing" ]If the above is correct, I "believe" this would allow a PayPal payment that leaves the order in a state of "processing" would trigger the "Placed_Order" metric and prevent the abandoned cart flow from firing. 


Hope that helped,


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Brilliant, thanks Alex.

We have a custom CMS - so this will need to be booked in with the dev team, really helpful answer thank you.