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We are having an issue with people no longer entering our Welcome Flow.  There haven’t been any changes made in over two months but about a month ago, no one entered the flow.  Any help would be appreciated. 


Best answer by ebusiness pros 24 May 2023, 18:11

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Hi @kmorgan, welcome to the Community!


The first thing I would check is your email optins. If you haven’t had any new subscribers in the last month, that would explain why you haven’t had any new recipients for the WS flow in that time period.


That is very unlikely though… So the next thing I would check is: if you’re using email optin/ signup forms that are not hosted by Klaviyo, is the integration between the two broken?


@Omar @KatherineB @Spark Bridge Digital LLC @retention do y’all have any other ideas why this might be happening?





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Hi @kmorgan,


Thanks for your question! @ebusiness pros had a great suggestion to check if your opt-in is broken - I would also double check any filters in your welcome flow. This is likely not the issue, since you said it hasn’t been updated in 2 months; however, if you had a flow filter specifying the form ID  people enter to trigger the welcome flow, and you’ve updated the form or changed it, then it’s possible the flow could have become broken that way. 


When you are in your flow, click on Preview Trigger Set up to see if people are qualifying to enter your flow. You may get some insight that way as well.