Personalize post purchase flow with the product a customer has purchased

  • 10 September 2022
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Hello everyone, I have a problem. How do I set up the product that the customer bought, so that it is personalized and does not have any buttons, calls to action, etc? I try like this, but nothing.Can someone help me? Thanks in advance. :)



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Hi @dropmaster 

Thank you for posting your question in the community. 

In order to insert a personalized product image or even the product name that a customer purchased, you would need to pull that information from the original purchase event. 

Based on your ecommerce integration, you’d likely use the Placed Order event to trigger someone into the winback flow (you’d also want to have some filters to remove someone from the winback flow if they made another purchase, etc.)

The reason you would want to use this type of trigger, is because the event passes a ton of order-specific information into Klaviyo (products purchased, etc.). But, you need to use the dynamic variables from the event to correctly populate the product in your email. 

To find the correct dynamic variables, you check the message in preview mode and select one of the recent customers who completed the event - this example, the Placed Order event. 

In the preview panel, you’d select the dynamic variable from the placed order event. In this example, I selected the first item in the preview to get the dynamic variable (highlighted in Orange)

Then, in my message, I place the dynamic variable in my text block (When viewing the source code for the block).

Save the block.

Then preview your changes to see the actual product information shown where you placed the dynamic token.

Klaviyo support will be a great resource to validate you have the right dynamic token for what you are trying to display. Note, that if someone can purchase multiple items in an order, the system will only display the first product unless you set up a table to repeat for each product purchase (an Abandon Cart.)

I hope this helps!

@In the Inbox 

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@dropmaster in addition to what @In the Inbox said just make sure you're also using the repeat functionality if on your site people can buy multiple products.

More information in this Klaviyo helpcenter article


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Thanks for your answers guys.

But how do you display the products that have been bought ? 



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Hey @Steve0603,

Similar to what @In the Inbox explained of how to find the correct value and add that into a text block, if you wanted to display an image, you can do so by using an image block or table block. You can actually find instructions on how to apply a dynamic image to your emails from both our How to Insert a Dynamic Image in an Email (new editor) and How to insert a dynamic image in an event-based flow email (classic editor) Help Center articles.

Along the same lines, our template specialist @Anna McCarthy also offers a great walkthrough tutorial on exactly how to build a dynamic table block in the Community post below: