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I am working on Klaviyo on a multiple label/markets setup. Often times the same picture is used across certain labels. They have to be uploaded per label seperately.


Why isnt it possible that klaviyo creates a unique link per uploaded picture which could then be used easily across all labels?


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Hey @GePi1108 

Have you looked into creating a portfolio for these different accounts? Would allow you to use data across all the accounts to be able to build you marketing and analytics across multiple accounts. It is an additional service and can only be setup by the owner or admin of the accounts.


yeah that sounds useful for tracking / analytics purposes, but my post was related to share the same content when creating Campaign for example pictures.


Lets say I have 4 accounts to manage - A, B, C and D. I want to create a Campaign for all 4. If I use the same picture for every account, I have to upload it to A, B, C and D. Why not have a central database of shared content? I hope what I am saying makes sense. Cheers Georg