Placed Order Flow doesn't trigger

  • 18 November 2021
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Hello guys,

I just need your help on this one. 

I have already test purchase and it is even shown in the trigger preview

But it does not show on the flow analytics. I did not receive the email either.

Can someone please help on how to fix this.


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Hell @Jess Pel,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

One thing to keep in mind is that the Preview Trigger function is simply meant to be used to preview your flow’s trigger and filters currently set in place. This tool is meant to allow you to preview who may be qualified for the flow with the current settings of the flow who may not have previously been eligible for the flow due to having different flow filters set in place. You can see what I mean by this through adjusting the flow’s filter rule and looking into the Preview Trigger tool again and it may recognize others who previously would not be eligible now be marked as eligible. This tool uses existing data as a sample set for you to ensure customers going forward who meet your flow and flow filter conditions would be eligible. 

This means that although this contact may be eligible for the flow now with the existing flow filter, they previously may not have been eligible if the flow was recently updated or changed. But this would also mean that going forward, contacts who meet this flow condition of having bought this particular product would be entered into the flow. 

From my experience, a flow may not trigger for a customer due to the flow having a different set of flow filters in place that would not qualify them when they trigger the flow. Changes made to a flow are not retroactive and would not automatically requeue contacts to the flow. To troubleshoot further, I would recommend reviewing your flow’s changelog and see what the flow conditions were when this contact triggered the Placed Order event to evaluate them for the flow. You can learn more about using Klaviyo’s changelog from the How to Review the Changelog for a Flow Help Center article. 

In addition, since your flow is triggered by an event, I would suggest checking up to see if this was caused by a delay in data syncing as I’ve elaborated in the below Community post:

I hope this helps!