Placed Product Metric Not Showing On New Flows

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Hi All, 


I’m super confused and need your help! 

I’ve recently integrated a new Shopify account to klaviyo. I’ve set up welcome and abandoned cart flows although there seems to be no placed order metric located within the analytics for the flows as well as no documented placed order conversions to be seen. 

Looking forward to your reply :)




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Hi @misslouise,

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Can you confirm that you have at least one Placed Order from Shopify logged in Klaviyo? You can verify if this is the case by clicking on the Dashboard tab > Activity Feed and sort by Placed Order.  If no Placed Order events have been logged in Klaviyo yet, this could be the reason why you’re not seeing Placed Order populate in the flow analytics just yet.

Once you do have at least one Placed Order event logged in Klaviyo, ensure you have Placed Order selected as the metric in your Dashboard > Performance tab. Whatever metric is selected here will be reflected in your flow analytics overview as well as your campaign analytics overview (when you click the Campaigns tab).


I hope that’s helpful!

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Thank you kindly for your reply! Yes, I’ve gone ahead and checked the data has been documented, which it has via the activity feed although where I’m confused is one account, when you open analytics on a certain flow, you can see each email open, click and placed order data whereas my account I mentioned previously, doesn’t display placed order although it has been documented via Dashboard tab > Activity Feed and sort by Placed Order.

I’m not sure why it’s two different interfaces. 


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Hi @misslouise,

Thanks for the update on the activity feed.

Can you confirm that you’ve updated the metric on the dashboard to Placed Order as well (as per the second screenshot in my reply)?

Then have another look at the flow analytics.