Popup issues with woocommerce / further issues with follow up email

  • 28 November 2023
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I’m new to this so apologies if the solution is right in front of me somewhere.

A bit of backstory.
I am using Wordpress/Woocommerce.
I have embedded a newsletter sign up form on my home page - which displays and works perfectly.

I have now created another form - a popup - to grab email addresses from visitors which are then also added to the newsletter list I have created within Klaviyo.

Now the popup has conditions - such as display after 5 seconds of page load, display when user scrolls 50% down, and when user goes to exit. I have deselected “Show only when all of the selected rules are met”.

At times, the popup would show. Then randomly it wouldn’t. Now it isn’t at all.
I had another person test it, and it displayed for them, however they never received the second follow up email that I created within a Flow, to send them the 10% off code.

I initially had the settings set to “Don't show again after submit form or go to URL action” for 14 days, so thought that may have had something to do with it. I’ve removed that setting entirely and it still isn’t showing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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2 replies

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Something to add - 

Another person I had test the popup, received the first email but the image I had used in the header of the email template wasn’t visible. It was just, missing. The rest of the template came through.

I’m still having all the issues from the original post as well.

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Hey @fandf 

Thank you for reaching out for help with your popup signup form.

Quick question, in the Targeting & Behavior section of the signup form, do you have it set to “don’t show to existing Klaviyo profiles”? If the person is already a known Klaviyo profile in your account (i.e. we’ve already added our cookie to their browser) they will not be shown the popup. One way to test it out would be to use an incognito window to see how the form is responding.

As for not receiving the second email in your flow, can you share a screenshot of how the flow is set up? What are the flow triggers or filters? Do you have any time delays in the flow? Knowing more about the flow setup will help determine why they haven’t received the second email.

I’ll be on the lookout for your response!