Possible to deploy a unique site access link?

  • 28 September 2022
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Hi everyone, my e-comm business has not yet opened. We’re in the midst of building up a waitlist as we ramp up to launch. When we eventually do open--it’ll be via a soft launch. During soft launch, I’ll gradually be inviting names off of our waitlist to shop us...allowing for a controlled ramp up.


The seemingly tricky part, however, is that when I deploy these email invites I’d like to provide each individual invitee his/her own unique website access code, so that when they log in they’ll access a website experience already tailored specifically to the individual. Does anyone know if this is feasible in Klaviyo?


Thanks for reading and any advice!


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Hey! @Kamy 

Thanks for asking another great question! Although Klaviyo does not have anything natively that does this,  would you be able to add unique codes to a CSV file and upload them as a custom profile property? You could then use the profile property in your emails to give them their own access code and experience?

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Thank you for your thoughts @stephen.trumble !

Hi!  Did you get this figured out? @Kamy I’m super curious if I could employ a similar strategy as basically a membership site.