Post-Puchase Flow: Problem with the conditional split

  • 11 November 2021
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I want our customers to receive customised emails - depending on which product they have bought. Therefore I created a post purchase flow.
For example: If customers buy a cotton product they receive email A, if they buy cashmere they receive email B and so on. 

If the conditions do not apply, i.e. the customer has not bought product A, B, C or D, then they automatically receive a generic email. Currently, almost all customers fall into the category with the generic email, even though they fulfill the given conditions like they bought product A but received the generic email. So obviously I have an error in the flow, probably with the conditional split. However, I am not getting anywhere here. Can anyone tell me what I need to set in the conditional split? 



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Hello @Sandrine 


I recorded a screen record for you. :)

You can find it at the following link: 


I hope it is of help to you.

Rooting for you,

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Hi @Sandrine


Welcome to the Community and thanks for sharing your question with us! Love that you are trying to personalize your post-purchase flow for users based on their ordered products! 


Conditional Splits are an awesome way to ensure your customers have a tailored experience in your flow. To separate paths based on item category, you can do what you have showed in your screenshot of individually calling out what you want the customer to have purchased to be considered in the split. @thepowerofcopy brings up a great point in this helpful video she made (thank you for that!), you can also create product-specific flows by adding Flow Filters. This would ensure that a customer would only go through this flow if they have or don’t have a certain item based on the Flow filter you choose. We also have additional Help Center Documentation on creating product-specific flows in Klaviyo for you to investigate further. 


However, if you want to have one Post-Purchase flow and use this original flow, the error you might be running into is your ‘since starting this flow’ option. This refers to an action taken after they have first triggered or entered the flow, meaning this would be referencing to an additional ‘Placed Order’ after the original ‘Placed Order’ that queued them for the Flow. This is probably why most of your orders are flowing through the ‘NO’ path, even though they contain the specific items. You could change this conditional filter to ‘in the last 2 days’, to capture the original placed order trigger and adding in your one-day time delay. 


Additionally, if you want to keep this to one flow, you could also change the conditional split to be based on ‘Collection’ instead of ‘Item’ to grab the larger category of the collection like cashmere or cotton products. 


These similar posts might give additional insight! 


Thanks for asking your question in the Community and thanks @thepowerofcopy for hopping in here to give a helping hand! Love to see this happen!


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Hey guys. I am new klaviyo and I’m trying to better understand how to set the conditions for the 2nd option in the conditional split.

For example, in my post purchase flow, the YES split is configured already, as it says: People that meet the following condition(s) will move to the YES side of this split.

So how do i go about creating filter for the NO split?

Do I just click the AND button and go from there or am I supposed do something else?

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Welcome to Klaviyo! I would love to offer more insight into how Conditional splits work! 


No, you do not need to add another configuration for the ‘NO’ path. That phrase in the split configuration is just re-explaining how the split will function. Those who have not placed an order every with your company will automatically be sent down the ‘NO’ path and receive your ‘Repeat Customer Thank you: Email #1’ email. It should be noted that your message is set to ‘Manual’ meaning you will need to manually hit send to every user you want to receive this message vs the message being automatically sent to users in the ‘Live’ stage. 


If you were to hit the ‘+AND’ button below your first condition, that would add another condition to the split that a user would have to meet in order to go through the ‘YES’ path. This would function like the ‘AND’ clause of a segment. 


I would recommend you check out these other community posts to gain further insight into how conditional splits function! 


Finally, since you’re new to Klaviyo, I’d also recommend checking out our awesome Academy resources that will give you a great foundation to build your product knowledge!


Thanks for being a part of the Community! 


Hi, I have the same problem here. I checked all the possible reasons why my conditional split is filtering everybody out while it shouldn’t. The conditional split is not filtering based on ‘starting this flow’ nor on ‘item’ instead of ‘collection’. The problem showed up two months ago, while the flow was doing fine before hand. The only difference is that it is messing with my Cross-Sell Flow instead of Post Purchase. I hope you guys can help me out!

All the Best,