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Hi there,

We are currently setting up post purchase flows and here’s where I’d like some help.

Can I create a post purchase flow for a specific audience group (to be more specific: based on a location of their billing address and if they buy a specific type of product.

Essentially, we want to tailor our post purchase email to this specific group, located in a specific country, and have ordered a specific product.

Any help on this will be appreciated!


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Hi @veds4 

Yes, this can be is achieved.

In your placed order flow, add a trigger filter ‘Items contains’ for the product purchased. Also add a profile filter for the country. Both conditions need to be true for them to enter the flow. Example below for the UK.

Once you add these filters, use the flow preview to check they are working as expected for a sample of purchaser profiles.

Hope that helps




Hi @bluesnapper 

Thanks a ton! This is very helpful.

Just to be sure, with the location trigger, can we trigger differently if we’re just after the billing location?



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No problem @veds4 

The Country data is initially based on a contact’s IP address until they purchase, then it’s based on their billing address from the purchase event. More info here:

Does that answer your question?