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  • 24 December 2023
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I wanted to create a pre-order flow to update our customers when they place an order on one of our items. This would be 6 weeks email flow with an update every 2 weeks on where we are with their order(s). The biggest challenge I am facing is what I should do when people place and order when we are on like 4 week until the products are about to arrive. I don’t want them to receive an email saying that their order is 6 weeks away when it’s only 4 weeks away. 


What would you recommend on detailing with this problem? Would it be just to set up an order confirm flow base on the pre-order product and make a segmented list of all the people who makes a purchase from the pre-order and send out the other weeks update emails as a campaign or manuel? 



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Hey @Bproud 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! Happy to help you with your pre-order email series.

Your idea is great! With a flow, all customers who qualify will receive all emails based on when they ordered not based on the products release date. Where using a segment to send campaigns gives you a lot more control to the message that is being sent. Using the segement will allow your customers to be added no matter when in the pre-order process they place an order but sending these emails as a campaign will make sure that your customers received the correct messaging based on product release. You are 100% on the right track!