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  • 26 March 2021
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Just wondering what the difference in a preferences page and a sign up form is? There doesn’t seem to be a lot of info in the help center about the preferences page. 

I’m trying to build a birthday MONTH workflow for subscribers’ pets, and my custom field isn’t showing up in the Birthday flow. I have a preferences page and plan to send out an email encouraging subscribers to fill out their preferences. One of these fields is the Pet’s Birthday Month field. Preferences page doesn’t seem to have an option for a “date field”, whereas the sign up forms do, so I’m wondering if I need to create a sign-up form instead and send people there instead of to the manage preferences link.


I should add that we already have a sign up pop-up to get new subscribers, managed by a third party.


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Hi @ThunderKatie

A Subscribe Page is a standalone page that you can direct potential subscribers to, while a signup form will appear on your site (as a pop up, flyout, or embedded form). The features available in a subscribe page are a little more limited that with forms (as you noticed, subscribe pages don’t have a date field). You can still collect dates in a “text” field, though! 


You can learn more about subscribe pages here:


If you plan to use the Birthday field as the trigger for a date-triggered flow, I’d recommend using an embedded signup form instead. The reason for this is that people filling out a subscribe page might not format the date correctly, which would lead to it not being recognized as a true “date” in Klaviyo. Using a signup form with a date field ensures all the data you collect will be correctly formatted, so everyone can enter that birthday flow :) 


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Thanks for the clarification!

Additional question: After embedding the form on my site, I did a test and filled it out; the next time I went back to the page, the form had disappeared and the page was blank, with only my header, footer, and title. Is there a way to change this so a subscriber who has already filled it out will either see the form again, or a link to reset the form in case they want to make pages, or even the thank you page again? (It shows up in incognito mode.)



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Great question! Yes, you can make sure it doesn’t disappear by selecting “show to all visitors” in the Behaviors tab of the form: