Prevent Removed Items from Shopify Orders from appearing in order/ tracking confirmation emails

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Sometimes we have to make edits on a Shopify order if a customer ordered a wrong item. However, when the order confirmation flow is triggered after the order edit the customer sees both the newly added item and the removed item and has an incorrect total amount. Is there a way from preventing the removed item from appearing on the order confirmation?

Here’s the scripting on our current template:

{{ i.line_item.title }}

Quantity: {{ i.line_item.quantity }}
{% with x=i.item.variant.title %} {{ i.item.variant.title }}{% endwith %}
Total: ${{ i.line_item.final_line_price|floatformat:2 }}


Best answer by David To 12 May 2023, 16:57

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@In the Inbox I think this question is right up your alley - any advice?

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Hi @Sam at Stix 

Thank you for posting your question in the community and thanks @KatherineB for looping me in on the question.

I have actually run into this exact issue with a client where it was more frequent that a customer needed to make edits to an open order. However, when I investigated this with Klaviyo, about a year ago now, this was a limitation of the Integration because the Placed Order event technically only fires once and doesn’t fire again, and there is no data push back to Klaviyo when an order is updated. 

So, unfortunately, as far as I am aware, there isn’t away to fix this… I ended up reverting the customer back to Shopify’s Order Confirmation email where we customized it there. 

@David To - Any other thoughts or insights here?

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Hey @KatherineB and @In the Inbox,

Loving the discussion and thanks for the tag!

@Sam at Stix, @In the Inbox is spot on here that Shopify events will only sync once to Klaviyo - meaning any update to an existing order event won’t be reflected in the event that was already shared with Klaviyo. 

I know it isn’t Shopify specific, but I’ve discuss this a bit in some past Community post which I’ve included below along with one that @Scott participated in as well:

That said, as with anything in Klaviyo, I have seen some niche use cases where users trigger a custom event when an order is updated. This custom event would be similar to a placed order event, but with the updated purchased items. You can then use this to trigger a new flow informing your customers of the order update which would reflect the most up-to-date order details. 

The simplest way I’ve seen this addressed would be to have a call out in your email mentioning any updates to an order may not be reflected and to return to their account (if you have that built out) or to reach out via email.