Preventing Over-Purchase Errors

  • 20 February 2024
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I'm looking to create a targeted email flow in Klaviyo and need some guidance. My goal is to send a personalized email to customers who have purchased more than one of the same product from our "Plakater" collection because it’s often a mistake. But how do I setup the filters?


The rule should be if there’s more than 1 of the same SKU from “Plakater” collection the flow should activate. 

I appreciate any advice, examples, or resources you can share to help me set up this email flow effectively.

Thank you!


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@Peléton ,
It's great to see you in the community!


I think the best approach might be to start by creating a segment based on the specific requirements, for example, like this (if you're using Shopify):


Then, create a flow from scratch and set the segment as the activation trigger, like so:


Afterwards, maybe add a delay that you think is appropriate, short enough not to overwhelm the user but not too long either, so they don't feel ignored. Also, because from what I understand, there might be an error but it's not certain (correct me if I'm wrong). Here's a screenshot of how the flow might look:


I believe the message should be as non-commercial as possible. An idea for the layout could be something like this (ignore the focus on the expired trial), but with a simple product image, clear text, and a prominent CTA for the desired action (contact us, write to us, etc.).

I hope this helps in some way.
Wishing you good sales!