Prices in the catalog are shown without VAT

  • 29 March 2023
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I tried to add Personalized product feed to my Welcome Series flow and everything else is working fine, but the prices are shown without VAT. Can’t seem to find a place where I can change the prices so that it would show the price with VAT. Any suggestions on how to fix that? I am using Woocommerce integration. 



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6 replies

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Hey Piret,


I have a client currently who has experienced this exact issue. They are based in the U.K. so this can cause a lot of confusion and turn into a customer service nightmare.

The fix is relatively quick, you will just need to add a “TotalWithTax” variable to your dynamic product block in your price section.


When you click on “Preview and Test” you should see the below information:

This should show your customer their subtotal with the correct VAT included based on their location.

So that your customer does not see 499.903333 as the price, include the “|floatformat:2” for it to display as 499.90.

Make sure to send yourself a test email to be sure it works!

Here is a Klaviyo blog on event variables with a WooCommerce specific section I found helpful as well. 

Feel free to respond back if you need additional clarification!

Best Regards,


Dalton James

SmartSites - Email Marketing Specialist

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Thanks for trying to help, but I don’t have an option to edit the price section in the e-mail.

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Feel free to send me a screenshot or quick video of what you’re looking at and I’ll see if I can assist further!

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In case I click Edit the e-mail under the Welcome series flow and add the Price, this is the picture I see, however I cannot edit the item price row.


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Hey Piret,


If possible, I would recommend setting up this product section as a table.

This will give you the ability to edit the text, images, and links.


  Table Ex Image Section:




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This isn’t a text, but actually Product block. The items there are from “Personalized Product Feed” so these items change. Hence I can’t use either text or table.