Prioritize upcoming flows over campaigns

  • 16 February 2024
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Hi Klaviyo community,

does anyone know if there is a way to prioritize upcoming flows over campaigns? 

For example: It’s a user's birthday and he’ll receive the birthday flow at some point today. Therefore, I would want to skip the usual campaign in the morning for this user and only send the birthday flow later. It’s like smart sending, but even before the flow was sent.

I’ve seen options like that at some other tools.

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Best answer by Adam Ragsdale 16 February 2024, 19:05

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Hi @lwiesing - great question...thanks for asking the community! 

Below is one idea you could try for your birthday flow use case.

Create a segment like this...

  • Definition: Properties about someone
  • Dimension: Birthday 
  • Filter: day is today

...and then exclude that segment from your campaign send. 


I hope that helps! Good luck and please do let us know if this accomplishes your goal.