Problems with Flow and Property "Date Added"

  • 21 April 2022
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Hello, I have a problem with a flow, this does not work.

It's about a webinar that has 3 different dates.
The participant can choose from them (see image 1).

When the webinar starts (Date Added) the flow should be triggered, but the flow does not start.
Is the trigger somehow wrong (see image 2). 

The status of the participants is "Skipped: Fails Flow Filters".
What does this mean ? 





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5 replies

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Hey @markus_getveg 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! Thank you for coming in to ask about your date triggered flow!

I am asking our product experts for their insight into this as I can not seem to find the problem in your setup. I will have an answer within the next 24 hours for you. Thank you for your patience while i try to find a solution for you!

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Hi, stephen, thank you

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Hey @markus_getveg 

Thank you for your patience. Sometimes its the little that make a big difference but I miss. When looking at your trigger filters it appears that you have them set as is in one of your webinar list. Can you send a screenshot of the trigger filter settings to confirm? Your CTA button to submit the form is set to to only one list, which is why customers are being skipped because they dont meet the current trigger filter conditions. 

Also, when a customer selects one of the dates and submits the CTA button, what do you have the date profile property set to? You will want to use the profile property as the trigger filters instead of the list.

Hope this helps!

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I have only one list left in it. Unfortunately that does not work either.
I have changed the trigger again - Unfortunately without success.

What do you mean by "date profile property set to"? 

In the form the property "Date added" is set (see photo above).  

best regards 


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Hey @markus_getveg 

I apologize for my confusion on this issue. I need to confirm a few items with you and provide some background.

For your original post you said “The status of the participants is "Skipped: Fails Flow Filters".What does this mean ?” When you look at the reason in your picture it shows that they failed the filter because they were not in one of the three list you had selected as your flow filters.You can review the various skipped reasons  for more insight into why profiles are skipped.

From the images, you have one signup form that contains the 3 webinar dates that are being added as a profile property Date Added, what list is the CTA button submitting to? You can find it by selecting the CTA button in the template editor. 

Once your customers are in that signup form’s list, how are they being added to the 3 list you were using as flow filters? Is it possible you create segments and not list? If that is the case, the flow filter is in X list will not work. However if you just set the filter to the list the signup form is submitting to, it will accomplish the same behaviour as the three different list.

Again I truly apologize for my confusion and hope I can help make this right!