Product feed images/thumbnails so small!

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I can’t seem to find a way to display our product feed images/thumbnails differently/larger. We have a very visual product and the default is just too small. I’ve already tried making the product feed just one column, but it still appears as a tiny rectangle in the body of the email. Especially painful on desktop. Help!


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Hello @reneenchristensen,

Thank you so much for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

I am sharing a link to a previous thread below with some suggestions on how to change the image size. Though the thread is about images loading too large, the same solutions can be used to shrink the image size:

For more best practices, including any concerns you may have regarding the image quality or supported images types, we have a great article: how to use images in emails that speaks to these points directly.

Thanks and have a great day.

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HI, I’m having this same problem where the product feed images are showing up fine in klaviyo but very small when sent. The article above only refers to images blocks not product blocks. Email aspect on left klaviyo on right. 


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I am having the same problem as well with product blocks. In gmail they are displayed in big size, but in outlook the product images appear thumbnail size. 


Hey! Having the same issue. Has anyone found a solution?

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Hello all! 


Happy to help here! 

You can increase the size of your images in your product by adjusting the ‘Max image height’ in your product block layout. You can reference the image screenshots for the new editor and then the classic editor. 

Hope this helps!


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​​​​​​@Taylor Tarpley Aloha and Mahalo for your input. 

While your suggestion has been working great for me in the classic editor so far, in the new editor, I’m experiencing the following:

The image size only changes while working on the project within Klaviyo. In the test email, the images reflect as a small thumbnail.

I tried adding 4 rows of 2 products each (choosing static, selecting products from our Shopify linked catalogue) and changed the max height pixels for each row to a different size to see how they actually show in the email. The email still showed the same size small thumbnails for each of the items in all rows.

Any suggestion? 




Hi everyone, I'm new here, just came to read the comments


Hi guys, any solution here? No matter what I enter into max height, or what configuration I select the product images are tiny in the email. They look great on the preview but not in the actual email :(


Actual email:



I just had another look and I think it’s pulling through the thumbnail for each product instead of the main image. Is there anyway to point it at the main image instead of the thumbnail?



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Aloha @LittleKoha not sure if this is the problem; reason I’m saying this is because we did not have a thumbnail view on the website until recently, but have always had this problem with the new editor (classic editor worked fine) :( Still waiting to see if Klaviyo comes up with some input. 


hmmm ok thanks for that, hopefully they resolve it soon - especially as we’re heading into the busy season!

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Hi all!


Thank you for sharing this feedback with us! I shared your issues with the template team and they confirmed that what you all are experiencing is due to rendering issues in Outlook. While  Outlooks renders emails differently in its inboxes, your other product blocks should be rendering correctly in other inboxes. Here are some helpful Community threads about Outlook that might shed more light on the subject.


You can use tools like Litmus or Email on Acid to test your messages on various devices. Additionally, Litmus wrote an insightful article to further explain Rendering Differences in Microsoft Outlook Clients


Again, thank you for sharing your valuable input and experience with us!




Thanks Taylor - it’s a shame about Outlook but glad we understand the issue now :)