Product Name: Trademark Symbol Error

  • 21 March 2022
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Hello Everyone!

My client's product has a Trademark Symbol. Now I tried to send a preview mail, and the name of the product in the email looks like this:

 Do you have any solution for this? My client is using WooCommerce. Thank you

NOTE: This is a Abandoned checkout email..


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Hi @thepowerofcopy,

Thanks for sharing this question with the community.

I’m operating under the assumption that you are using the event variable for item name in this case.

First, I recommend checking out the catalog to ensure that the item name is being passed to Klaviyo with the trademark symbol to begin with. If this is not the case, the item name should be updated in WooCommerce with the trademark symbol so Klaviyo can then sync the proper item name.

If everything looks good in the catalog, I’d try appending your existing event variable with “|safe” that should remove the superflous characters appending the item name. Here’s an example of what an event variable looks like when using “|safe”.

Additionally, I’d try previewing your email different email clients to see if this is an issue with a specific inbox provider. Some email rendering services you may find helpful to preview your emails include Litmus and Email on Acid.

I’d start here and let us know how it goes :)