Product review flow after parcel was delivered via AfterShip integration

  • 29 January 2021
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Is it possible to set up a product review flow where trigger is Received Delivery via AfterShip integration?


I have setup it but the products are not populated into the email. 


I want to use this trigger and not the trigger Fulfilled order via Woo because we deliver worldwide and delivery terms differ significantly. And especially when deliveries are delayed now I do not want to send a review email when the parcel is still in transit.


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3 replies

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Hi @Lina 

You won’t be able to do this because the trigger that you want to use Aftership metric - Received Delivery only holds information about the shipping info and payment process and other shipment details like that. It doesn’t contain any info related to what product was shipped.

What we usually do for our clients in this cases is we use fulfilled order for example if the shipment is from use in the flow we add Conditional Split saying if profile property Country equals US or Canada send this email after 10 days for example, and if it is not US or Canada send email after 20 days or whatever is the usual delivery for your foreign deliveries.

Btw make sure you always add at least 5+ days from the usual delivery time. If the usual delivery is 5 days say at least 10. This way you give them chance to not receive it on time and even if they do its good them to have some time to use the product whatever it is to be able to give relevant review.

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Thank you @Bobi N. for your reply.

Meanwhile I created a flow with conditional split using Received Delivery. If yes, send an email, if no - wait another 7 days. and so on. Would it work like this?

Here is an example of what I was thinking



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Yes this will work, with one small possible problem problem.

In case I fulfilled 1 order and it needs 20 days to receive the product than i will get the second Email 2

But what if after fulfilling 1st order I fulfill 2nd order 10 days later. Than at day 20 for the first order and day 10 for the second I will receive the first product. But than “received email at least once since starting this flow” will be true for both of those emails even though I still haven’t received the 2nd product but still I will receive Email 1 for the 2nd product after day 14. Because conditional split is looking at general profile for a person, if he did something or not in this case received delivery since starting this flow. It doesn’t look at specific product so I won’t receive the 2nd product jet but because the filter will be true because after starting 2nd fulfilled I received the 1st order I will get the email ahead of time.

At the end depend on your customers and how often do they place order.. if they don’t place orders that often than this won’t be a problem but if you have a lot of repeat customers who buy things often (few times in a month) than this may cause a small problem.