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  • 29 April 2021
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I have an eCommerce store that sells Jewelry with message cards. For example “To Mom, from Son” and “To Girlfriend from boyfriend” etc.

I would like to make use of a custom property called “Interest Catagories”, there is a Flow template for this already. This way I can tag a contact as buying for Mothers day or for girlfriend etc. 

When I setup the flow one of the options is to “Create Interest” category which is fine. But what if I want to have someone have more than one interest. How do I do this, as it seems the next part of the flow will replace the first interest. See screen shot:

I hope this makes sense! I am not sure I have explained that well! 




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Hi @David Thornton,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

You are correct in that if someone were to pass through this flow twice, say the first time they place an order for an item in the “mothers” leg of the flow and the second order in the “women’s” leg of the flow, the user would have their interest category overridden from “md” to “bfgf”. Klaviyo will always override, rather than append, an existing value for a custom property. However, we are working towards a longer-term solution to append custom properties in these cases.

In the meantime, a more suitable strategy is to simply configure a mange preferences page and add checkboxes to this page for the interest categories rather than using an “update profile property” block in a flow. Using a manage preferences page and removing the update profile property blocks, will allow the user to freely select their preferences and prevent the selected preferences from being overridden automatically via a flow. Like the flow, using checkboxes in a manage preferences page will also give the user the ability to select multiple options i.e. “md” & “bfgf”. Once you design this manage preferences page, you can then insert the following tag into your emails in this flow:

(% manage_preferences %)

to direct them to this page. You can style that link in a few different ways, more information on that here

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

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Hi! I have the same doubt. This flow is still working the same or now is possible to add more than one interest to this property. 

I’d also like to add more than one interest if my customers buy from different categories on my website, and not sure how it will work the conditional split in this case. Eg. Some place an order from two different categories, just the first one on the split will be verify?


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Hi @Lorena Jaqueline,

Thanks for sharing your question here.

The exception to the “override” rule would be if you are appending an existing list value. In retrospect, this looks like what @David Thornton was originally referring to so I apologize for misreading that. What David showed originally would append any existing value for that property. If someone places an order for two different categories, as long as that property already exists on the profile, we can add to it using the “Update Existing Property” block followed by using “Add”:

Using the example above, since a user logged “Hockey” from the first block (set to create a profile property), followed by “Baseball” in the second block (set to update an existing profile property), the profile after passing through the flow would look like this:

We have a great article that speaks on this as well: Update Existing Property

I hope that’s helpful.