Profile Property Update in Flow Not Rendering

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Hi all, 

I am creating a flow in which I need a profile property update (ex: Create Advocate Criteria as Complete) added to customer profile that when they are a part of the below segment / when they join this segment as shown in the image attached. The flow will continue with an email that is not yet shown.

I need this flow to add this custom profile property to retroactively apply to those who are already in the segment and those who are added to the segment in the future.

Here is the context:

For some reason, when I look at our analytics it says that nobody is waiting/completed.

Could somebody adjust this flow so that the profile property update renders correctly? Thanks so much in advance!



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Hi @abbylaurenprice, welcome to the community!

Depending on when you setup the Segment, you can try the “Add Past Profiles” function here (under Manage Flow):


Then, use the “At the beginning” option to back fill all the people so they enter the Flow from the beginning so that they get the “Profile property update” action.

Give that a try to see if that works.  If that doesn’t work, you may want to consider creating/cloning your Segment AND this Flow and start over.  Sometimes when you modify the Segment several times as you iterate, it doesn’t fully take into account everyone because certain people have entered/exited the Segment each time you changed the rule while you were updating the definition or profiles.  

There a bit more documentation here on Klaviyo that explains the back populating process for Flows:

Let us know if that worked - I’m pretty sure it should, but I haven’t applied the back populating of a Flow only to updating profile properties; so I’m curious to know!

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@retention This worked perfectly, thank you so much!!