Properties fail to import in text emails

  • 4 October 2022
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I’m attempting to create an email campaign with text content (actually HTML, but only text and links).

Our customer names are saved as custom properties.  First name is stored under “first” (see below):

I’ve been unable to get Klaviyo to import that property.  I’ve tried the following:

Hi {{ person.first }}

The above generates an email that says “Hi ,” no name inserted.


I’ve also tried this, per the documentation:

Hi {{ person|lookup:'first' }},

This ends up generating an email that says “Hi None,”


Nothing I try has enabled me to extract the property and use it in an email.  I’ve tried across multiple customers, and double-checked that the property exists.  But it consistently fails to import in the email preview.


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1 reply

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From the documentation, apparently preview emails don’t actually render properties, like names.  So there’s no way to actually test that an email with properties is correct without actually sending it, I guess to a test audience. But then you can’t edit the email anymore. 

You have to create a campaign, send it to a test list, then (if it’s right) clone the campaign into an actual so you can send it.

Terrible design.