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  • 26 September 2023
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Hey team!


I have a signup from which presents the user with a dynamic $20 off coupon code within the success screen.


I have created an email flow within the signup form that reminds the user to use their coupon code. I was wondering if it is possible to pull the coupon that has been given to the customer and include it in the follow up email. I can see that the coupon is showing in the customers active coupon section under my static coupon title.


Thank guys :) 



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Great question @lukeo ,

What do you mean by pull the coupon code?  Do you mean reference the same unique coupon that was given to the customer previously?

If you reference the same dynamic coupon code, {% coupon_code 'NAME_OF_YOUR_COUPON' %}, it should pull in that customers unique code for future emails/sms campaigns. 

You can read more about dynamic codes here —>

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@lukeo as @Akers Digital mentioned you can indeed show the same coupon to the person if you add another email in the same flow. Just make sure that there is a filter that removes people from the flow once the placed an order otherwise Klaviyo will create another new coupon in the second email you send if the previous one has already been used (if I'm right).


If you want to go wild you can also send the coupon code to a profile property so you can also use it in a newsletter. i.e. if someone still has an active coupon you can display it in a block.

This does take some Klaviyo magic. Checkout this post where I explain a bit behind this concept


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Thank you @Akers Digital and @Omar!! That worked awesome and my dynamic codes are now filling in the flow.


Great idea with populating on newsletters and emails of the like. I will definitely look into this one to boost code usage. Thanks again team :P