Question: sending a trigger email after a click action

  • 22 June 2022
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I’ve written a Welcome Flow and some of the emails will go to blog content.

If someone clicks to go read the blog page, I have a follow up email to send an offer for a related item.

I’m using “Click Interest” as intent.

And have set the following (XXX is the Click Interest value I have entered to look for, and ZZZ is the website/blog destination)

{% update_property_link 'Click-Interest XXXX' 'true' '' %}

I see that the Click Interest value is being registered, but 100% of the triggered emails are being skipped…

I’m at a lost as where to look to next.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


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2 replies

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Hi @WarrenS62, welcome to the community!

If you navigate to the Flow Message Analytics (View All Analytics), and click on “Recipients Activity” you can see the Skipped Reason of each of those folks that entered the Flow (but the message was skipped).  That will help you troubleshoot why those messages might be skipped. 

See here:

The most likely reason I’m guessing is that you may have “Smart Sending” enabled on your Flow Message.  Since they just received an email from your Welcome Flow, and then clicked on those links that triggered a subsequent email, it’s likely that the second email is within your Smart Sending window as the bulk of your recipients probably open/click within the first day of receiving the Welcome Flow messages.  

Let us know if you figure it out!


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Thank you Joseph for the quick reply!

Smart Sending is off for the Welcome Flow, I will check out the analytics though to see what else is going on…

Thank you!