Quick Newby Question - Can I reuse the same coupon code in a different flow?

  • 10 July 2021
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I have a high value abandoned cart flow, where I am sending the customer a 15% off coupon code in one of the emails. Then in another email I’m reminding them, but I’m also using the coupon code label in the second email? 


Does Klaviyo know that this is one flow and will use the same exact coupon code, or does the Flow create a new code per email? 






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2 replies

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It’s a good question and something I just learned recently!  In short, if the code doesn’t expire by the time that second email hits, then Klaviyo will use the same code.  


Here’s a link to thread where someone asked a similar question:



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Perfect! Thanks fir the update. I would hate to send out two different coupon codes.