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  • 31 August 2022
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Hi there, I have a client who wants to send a digital gift with purchase to a segment of her email list.. which is easy.

However, we need to randomly pull one of six gift options in an email (a total of 6 emails) to send -- part of the pull is “you don’t know what you’ll get”.

they should all have exactly the same probability if possible -- if not, it’s also fine, as all digital gifts have the same value.

Is there a way to have a flow send one of six options at random? the best I’ve thought of so far is to create a conditional split based on “time since first contact”  dividing the segment up into 3 groups, and then AB test at the end of each fork, for a total of six.

Am I on the right track?


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Hi @remyinheaven, welcome to the community!  

There’s a few approaches you can do this, but I think your method is quite effective and easy to maintain.  Instead of splitting it into 3 groups, you can also just have a 6 A/B test (continuously) running with equal weights.  An A/B test can have more than just two emails, it can have six if you want!

Another approach you can consider is using the “random” filter function for a List (example 1-6) and then Show/Hide one of the six different content section in the same email based on the randomized value.  This isn’t as straightforward as the previous method so I would do this only if you really wanted save the “A/B Testing” to a true A/B test instead of just using it as a way to randomize emails. 

Hope this helps!

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OMG A HERO.  I think the “random” filter method sounds like the most elegant in terms of a workflow but I’ve never touched that function.  I’ll give it a try!