Receiving 404 Error when trying to create, edit messages & save flows.

  • 9 July 2022
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I’ve been receiving “Oooops 404” errors in multiple accounts while trying to create, edit, update, and save flows and messages in flows. Support isn’t available and I’m on a launch deadline. Has anyone encountered this in the last 24 hours? Were  you able to resolve it? It’s happening VERY frequently and I’m trying to determine if it’s a platform problem or a me problem.


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When you say ‘across multiple accounts’, does that mean you are a manager on different Klaviyo accounts?

Because the main reason I’m familiar with that error showing is when you are inside one Klaviyo account and then the email address you are logged in under changes into a different Klaviyo account while you are still inside the old one - then that error appears.

Basically you can’t have two different Klaviyo accounts open or editing two of them at the same time. It’ll kick you out of one of them/show that error once you swap to a different account.