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  • 18 August 2022
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Hi! For some reason my last post got deleted, but I’m back again with the same issue:


In the Campaign Analytics tab, there’s a tab for recipient activity. All tabs under recipient activity have the correlating numbers attached (i.e. received email (10,123) clicked email (5,123), etc. However, when I click into the tabs that are not the “received email” tab —yesterday, no data was populated.


Today, it looks as though opened email has 18 pieces of customer data, even though the total at the top says 1359 customers opened the email. The same is true for clicked data, one customer’s data is populated though the total number is 400+. 


Any thoughts, fixes, or explanations? Does it take several days post-send for this data to populate? Or am I missing something in reporting/creating/etc?


Thanks in advance for any help! 


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Hi @megk,

Welcome and thanks for sharing to the Community. 

Just to clarify, which section are you seeing that is not populated? Is there errors that you are seeing in a specific tab here? I am trying to see a “received email” tab but I do not seem to know where you are locating the info. 


This is a known issue that's being actively investigated by our product and engineering teams. I'm afraid I'm not able to provide an ETA at this time, but the teams are aware and working towards a resolution. I will add your account details to our internal ticket for the issue to note that it is also affected -- this will hopefully speed up the time to resolution. You could also create a segment to get this info, filtering for profiles who have opened a message from that campaign if you are seeing more data issues.


Thank you!

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Sorry for the confusion, by “received email” I mean the recipients tab, and that is populated, however the rest of the available tabs have numbers, but the tabs are not populated with data/the provided # of datapoints that should be populated according to the number associated with each tab next to the title of the tab. 


Thanks so much for your help and the updates, Alex!