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  • 30 June 2021
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I have created an email template and added my contact under List & Segments to send to myself as a test. It takes everything but when I come to the send it lists “recipient 0” and wont send the email. What am I doing wrong? 




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Hello @JAGroup,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Some common reasons why your campaign didn’t reach your intended recipients are typically due to one of the following reasons:

In most cases if this recipient was skipped due to smart sending, being suppressed, the email bounced, or another reason, you can often times locate these reasons from the email’s Recipient Activity tab. Klaviyo also offers a list of a number of these skip reasons and what they each mean from the Understand the Skipped Reason for a Flow Message article.

If the recipient was skipped due to smart sending, this would mean that they may have received an another email from your account within the last 16 hours and the smart sending feature was still enabled in your test campaign. You can resolve this by cloning your campaign while disabling the smart sending feature and resend the email. Another reason why contacts would be skipped was if the profile was suppressed. Suppressed profiles are ones that have either unsubscribed from your account, marked your emails as spam, have hard bounced once, or soft bounce seven times, equating to a single hard bounce. 

Bounced emails would still be seen from the email’s recipient activity tab, but would not be considered a skipped, instead a bounce occurs when an email is either not successfully delivered or is rejected by the recipient's email provider. Bounces can be classified as either soft or hard as detailed in the About Bounced Emails in Klaviyo article. 

Lastly, if you’ve scheduled a campaign in advance without enabling the determine recipient at send time, and the contact was not added to the list until after the campaign has been scheduled, the recipient would not be a designated recipient for the email. When a campaign is scheduled, Klaviyo will take a snapshot of the designated recipients and will only send the email out to those contacts. Contacts added in between when the campaign had been scheduled till when the campaign sends would not be considered a recipient if the determine recipient at send time was not enabled.

I hope this helps!