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  • 5 January 2022
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Hi everyone! 
I have a question about Referal links. I saw people have previously asked about building up a referral program for their site through Klaviyo and for that many wonderful integrations were suggested. 
Is there anyone who has had an experience with just adding a Referral link to their Klaviyo email without creating a whole program with rewards and such? 
The main point would be to send our clients the referral link, which they can share, and with any friend who would sign to that email list with that specific link, they would be eligible for a price afterward. That means we should be able to track all the people who have invited their friends to join the list. 


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3 replies

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Hello @Liisi,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

I don’t see any issue with setting up a referral link and program without any incentive/rewards attached to it. However, I would be curious to learn how effective these referral links and program would perform without any rewards or incentives associated with them to convince your users to share and refer other members. 

I also believe this would boils down to how you have built out your referral program as well; either in-house/custom or by leveraging a third-party integration. Even without a reward program in place, you’ll still want to build out your referral program for a variety of reasons including a method to evaluate how these referral links are generated, tracked, and associated with which users, etc. 

I’de be interested to hear what other member’s thoughts on this were as well!




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Hi David! :)
Thank you so much for your answer!
The reason behind not wanting to build up an entire reward-system behind it is to just save time (and money). We already have a working referral program (Stamped) added to our home page, but unfortunately it is not possible to send out a campaign letter including a referral link. 
We wouldn’t really be interested in building up or developing a whole new reward system for one campaign either. Which doesn’t mean we wouldn't give out a prize for sharing a link with their friends! ;)
So I guess what I’m asking for would be simple, yet effective way to run a campaign where we can hand our referral links and monitorize the results afterwards, based on what  we can draw a prize to a lucky winner.

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Hey @Liisi,

Makes total sense! 

Since you’re already using Stamped as a referral program, I may suggest reaching out to them for more details regarding their services. From my experience, most third party referral program providers are able to accomplish this by having a unique referral link/URL synced to Klaviyo to be stored as a custom profile property

Because these personal referral links are stored as a custom profile property, you can use a property variable to pull that into an email that the recipient can then share with others.

An example of this, as depicted in Loyalty Lion’s documentation under What fields are synchronized to Klaviyo?, we can see that they are passing the custom profile property of referral_url to Klaviyo.