Removing Smart Sending for Flow

  • 22 May 2022
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Hi everyone,

I have turned off smart sending in the settings on a welcome series FLOW as per below image:



it is still appearing in green as per below image and Im not sure what to do.



Can someone please show me how what I am doing wrong?






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4 replies

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Hi @BK9999,

Thanks for sharing this with the community.

It doesn’t look like you’re doing anything wrong here.

Try cloning the flow message, and re-toggling smart sending on and off again for the cloned version. If that works, I recommend simply using the cloned version of the flow message.

If that does not remedy the situation, try saving the flow message as a template, deleting the flow message (keep in mind this will remove all data associated with this flow message) and re-adding it using the saved template.

I also recommend testing the flow message itself. You can achieve this by setting that flow email to manual mode and quick adding a profile that’s already recently received an email to the list that triggers the flow. When a flow message is set to manual, you will see all ready-to-review-and-send messages in the Needs Review section within the Analytics snapshot in the left-hand sidebar. By clicking View all Analytics, you will be taken to a report where you can manually dispatch the flow message.  It could very well be that smart sending is still disabled in practice (despite the icon).

I hope that’s helpful.


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Thank you DD


To clarify, if campaign was already sent and smart sending withheld distribution of the emails… do I (1) change the settings in the campaign post sending and they will send again or (2) clone the campaign, reassociate lists and resend?

Please advise.


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Hi @bag-up,

Thanks for your question.

Changing the smart sending settings after the campaign has sent will not re-send the campaign email.  If you want to re-send to users who were skipped originally because of smart sending, you’ll want to export the skipped users into a .csv, clone the campaign, re-import them into another list and re-send the cloned campaign to those users in the new list.

Thanks for being a community member.