Repeat Emails Weekly for Date of Birth

  • 4 March 2022
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So I have a toy store where we sell toys for babies 0-3 years.

As as input we have Date of birth of the babies.

Would like to send weekly email about the babies to the parent.



A: if today(4th March2022)

baby1 is  born on 7Jan 22, then she is 8 week and 8th week email will go

baby2 is  born on 10 Dec 21, then she is 12 week and 12th week email will go


B: After a week 11th March222

baby1 is 9 week old and 9th week email will go

baby2 is 13 week and 132th week email will go


And that on that date an automatic email is sent every week.

How could I generate this?


Thanks in advance


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Hi @mkanyal,

Thanks for sharing this question with our community.

Currently, we use date-triggered flows to automatically target users on a recurring basis. However, this flow will only repeat on a monthly or yearly basis, rather than weekly. 

Another strategy is to setup a flow for the entire duration i.e. say you want to send weekly emails for 10 weeks. In this case, you would and utilize 7-day time delays in your flow to stagger the emails on weekly basis. For example, say a segment triggers your flow, the segment defined as “Properties about someone > baby birthdate is set (text data type)”. Then you’d start the flow with a 7-day time-delay followed by email 1, then another 7-day time-delay, followed by email 2, another 7-day time delay followed by email 3 and so on. While this does not "repeat" the flow each week, it allows your customers to continue on the flow path and receive the next email 7 days after they received the previous email in the flow.  You can also configure these time-delays to send during a specific time of day if you wish. 

I hope that is helpful :)