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Hi, Fam!

Is there a way to customize the default “Re-Order Now” button on the pre-built replenishment flow? I’ve tried making customizations on the column where it is placed but I can’t seem to do anything for the button. Appreciate the help, Thank you!




Best answer by Omar 9 May 2022, 22:16

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Hi Ken, send a screenshot of what you're seeing? My replen flow, I don't see columns.

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Hi, Manny-

Thanks for your response. I am trying to change the pre-built button below:


If I go to the table block, this is what I see:


From what I understand, the above is built inside 2 columns, the left column (column 1) housing the image and the the right column (column 2) housing the text and buttons.

While I am able to customize the text components, I am unable to edit the pre-built button. Hope this clarifies my question.

Thank you.

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Hi there @cajpotato.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend taking a look at some resources we offer for email designs and our Klaviyo template editor:

I do go over something similar on customizing a button in this community post:


Hope that helped,


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Hi @cajpotato

Some basic html knowledge always comes in handy in such cases. What are seeing when you click the Source button? And what are you trying to change?

That button in the email is an image so if you would like to change it you also need to add / create a new image.  Maybe using this button generator might help a bit


Just make sure that whatever button you create that you use this button URL for that button which is the same url Klaviyo uses for that button.

{{ organization.url|trim_slash }}/cart/{{ item.variant_id }}:{{ item.quantity|floatformat:'0' }}


Then when you're done creating the button, remove the button image in the Klaviyo editor, switch the editor in Klaviyo to HTML (Click on source - top right) and paste the code on the last line. Remember that button will add the product to the cart.


Hope this helps!