Replenishment flow - exclude item

  • 23 April 2024
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Hello, I am building a replenishment flow and wondering if there is a way to always exclude certain items from this flow and/or items previously purchased. 

There are certain products that are not meant to be replenished - is there a way to exclude them from all instances  (products list from last order and products moved to the checkout) so that they just don’t show up anywhere at all?


Can I direct the customer to cart instead of the checkout (the default email send customers to checkout), but I want to send them to cart so that they are able to make changes in quantities.

Thank you in advance!

2 replies

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Yes you would want to do a segment for people who have purchased [item name] zero times and have the flow connected to that segment. 




you can do conditional splits and have it to where the first x number of conditions are for the products that are not to be repurchased. Let’s say product a-c are not to be replenished but all others are 

ex: trigger is they placed order once over  30 days> did they buy product a? Yes? End. (No email sent) no? > did they buy product b? Yes? End. No? > Did they buy product c? Yes? End. No? > email 1.


there is a code for the cart, look in the abandoned cart email flow and grab the cart code from there


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Thank you very much for your reply! But I may have not explained it properly, not very savvy with the lingo yet 

Let say Customer buys:  printer (non-replenishable) + cartridge (replenishable) + paper (replenishable)
I make a flow that is sent to everyone who previously bought cartridge and/or paper with OR without printer. 
So i can’t just exclude people who bought printer because this info doesn’t really tell me anything and they still might have bought other things with it. 

my problem is that the email that is sent lists ALL items that were bought including the printer, but since printer is not replenishable, so I want to just exclude that printer item from list of dynamic products in the email. So i want to do it at the email level, not the flow level i guess.

>» And in regards to the abandoned cart code from the other flow - would that work in the flow with a different trigger? 

Thank you in advance!!!