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  • 22 October 2021
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Hi All, despite the content already available in “Limiting replenishment flows by ordered quantity” and “Creating a Replenishment Flow” I’m still having trouble building out the logic for my own replenishment flow. Our product can be purchased in 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 bottle options (each bottle represents 30-day supply)...with the option to purchase any quantity of those. So how do I efficiently build a flow for customers who only has a 30-day supply (meaning they bought Product A - 1 Bottle - Quantity 1 only once) so I can time the refill reminder according to that specific supply? Then the same for a customer with a 60-day supply (meaning they either bought Product A - 2 Bottle - Quantity 1 OR Product A - 1 Bottle - Quantity 2). And so forth.


The suggested logic in the articles above don’t seem very efficient. And they don’t seem to be properly filtering out customer who may have bought multiple quantities of any given product.


Woo Commerce shop if that makes any difference.


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Hello @DH5,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Your goal somewhat resembles a post created by @Cariaba which I answered recently. I’ve included the Community post below:

Similar to what I suggested in the post and what was stated in the Creating a Product-Specific Flow Help Center article, instead of using trigger splits you’ll want to use conditional splits for your particular use case. Unlike using a trigger split, using the conditional split enables you to use more filters to drill down into your desired condition rules. For example, for customers who purchased a 60-day supply of Product A - 2 Bottle - Quantity 1 OR Product A - 1 Bottle - Quantity 2; you can use the definition of: “What someone has done, Placed Order where Items Contains Product A - 2 Bottle equals 1 in the last X-timeframe OR What someone has done, Placed Order where Items Contains Product A - 1 Bottle equals 2 in the last X-timeframe”.

When a contact reaches this conditional split if they have purchased 1 bottle of Product A - 2 Bottle or 2 bottles of Product A - 1 Bottle, they would both be navigated down the YES path where you can have a 60-day time delay before an email step. I would recommend taking a look at the How to Add a Conditional Split to a Flow and How To Create a Post-Purchase Flow Help Center articles to learn more about utilizing and leveraging conditional splits to achieve your goal.

I hope this helps!