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  • 8 September 2023
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I am trying to create an email that will send a reorder reminder to a customer that placed it within a specific timeframe from a specific category. What variable would I use for this to auto-populate?

For Example: Veterans Day is coming up so I want to send an email to segmented customers that ordered Veterans products last year between 9/22 -11/30. I want the email to display those set items.


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2 replies

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Thank you, David. Unfortunately, we have an extensive catalog. Although I am thinking, since I already have the event data in the customer’s profile, shouldn’t I be able to create a replenishment flow with filters for the category and timeframe and get the result I am looking for? It could be a short-term flow and change the parameters as a specific event occurs. 




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Hello @Gigi_G,

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Typically, you wouldn’t be able to use event data within campaigns like you would in flows. However, a workaround that I’ve seen others use with success is saving your customer’s past product purchase as a custom property and leverage the catalog lookup function. This sort of use case is explained in the Lookup an item ID as a custom property subsection of our Catalog lookup tag reference Help Center article.

Depending on how large your catalog and audience are, this may be a larger undertaking. Others who have used this sort of solution oftentimes will work alongside their developer to utilize our API to apply these custom profile properties. If you need an introduction to a developer, I would encourage you to reach out to our expansive network of partners through our Klaviyo Partner Directory.

I hope this helps!