Request: One-click toggle to add/remove date picker to campaign filter

  • 27 June 2023
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Hi there, the campaign date-range filter is a constant frustration sorry.


1. Firstly, it seems to default to the last date used, which requires pointing and clicking just to see latest campaigns.

e.g. Say you sent a campaign on the 24th but a colleague sends a campaign on the 26th. When you log-in, the campaign list doesn’t show their campaign because it’s defaulted to the 24th. This requires pointing and clicking just to see the last campaign.

2. Secondly, it’s painful searching for past campaigns like last year’s Mothers Day or Black Friday because you have to click back through a year to create the date range (plus you have to know the date of the campaign).

The whole point of searching is to bypass endless clicking and quickly find what you need - right?

A one-click toggle to add/remove the date picker to/from the campaign filter. That way we could exclude a date range and search for a campaign without endless pointing and clicking.

Hope that makes sense.

Cheers, Ben

2 replies

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Hey @Ben 

Thank you so much for the feedback. While I do not have the knowledge or skills to build product features, I will send your feedback to our product development team for evaluation. I know sharing feedback and seeing it come to fruition has been a challenge, but please know that we take all of our members feedback seriously and try our best as a company to provide the features that you need for success. While we can’t always tackle every request, your feedback will help inform future product releases to help us constantly improve your experience. 

Thank you again for your insight and feedback. We appreciate your contributions!

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Thanks for raising that feaure request @Ben 

@stephen.trumble I would also love to have the flexibility of folders for campaigns. A couple of clicks and I would be able to see MD, FD, BF campaigns, specific product campaigns etc