Resending campaigns to people that didn't open: recommended or not?

  • 27 November 2020
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You’ve put together a fantastic email that you’re sure will drive great engagement with your subscribers, but after it goes out, you’re a bit disappointed with the low open rate. You know that other brands have resent the same email to people that didn’t open previously and you’re wondering whether this is a best practice?

Klaviyo’s deliverability and compliance experts do not recommend using this tactic as it’s not considered to be a best practice within the industry. If you resend the same campaign to folks that didn’t open before, these customers are likely unengaged. Repeated sending to this group over time can damage your sender reputation and effect your ability to hit the inbox. Instead, think about whether you’re sending the right message to the right group of people!

If the you’re getting pushback from your team to resend to your non-openers, you can create a segment of these customers for targeting. Be sure to flag to your team that this is not the recommended best practice!

Use the following conditions, fill in the appropriate name of your campaign in the text boxes that appear under the Opened Email condition:


Then, clone your campaign and change the audience to reflect this new segment for sending. As a reminder, here are the email performance benchmarks you should aim for:


3 replies

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I agree! I see so many clients and agencies doing this, but you’re right it just lowers deliverability.. 

Another option is to tweak the subject line and copy slightly, and resend the campaign to the contacts who opened or clicked but did not purchase… the open rates will be much higher, and you can pick up more customers who thought about buying but forgot, or were on the fence.

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Good to know!

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This is great. However when sending information for an event that the recipient has signed up for, it’s important that we re-send to account for people who are just dealing with a load of daily messages in their inbox (we are sending to C-Suite types). And today I realised the “did not open” isn’t a helpful criteria as if they use iOS and haven’t opted in for tracking, theirs would have been market as open. It’s a significant gap where many in the audience use Apple.