Restrict Price drop flow to people who've purchased the triggered product

  • 22 November 2021
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Hi, I want to start sending Price drop flow, but am concerned about one thing - I do not want to send a price drop email to people who have already purchased the product at regular price. How could I implement this?




Best answer by Julia.LiMarzi 22 November 2021, 15:57

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2 replies

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Hi @Lina,

The Price Drop trigger is programmed to only send to people who have never purchased the item—at full price or at the discounted price—so you do not need to set up an additional filter. 

Profiles also won’t trigger the flow if the product was at a lower price at the time they viewed or started checkout. For example, if someone viewed a product when it was $15, then the price increased to $20, and then dropped again to $17, the person who viewed it at $15 will not trigger the flow.

Hope this helps!

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Perfect! Thank you very much for your prompt reply.