Retro send Flow email to new subscriber?

  • 15 November 2021
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I’m new to Klaviyo and have launched my first flow for new subscribers. I set it up as an email party that began today and will send emails everyday this week. Everything seems to be going okay except some new subscribers joined this morning and I’m unsure how to send the email from today rather than the first automated email to confirm they were on the list. I hope this doesn’t sound too confusing!

What I’m asking is, how do I send an email in the flow manually?


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3 replies

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Hey @carespost 

Welcome to Klaviyo and the Community! We are thrilled to have you join us.

Just to make sure I understand completely, you have a new welcome series flow but some of your subscribers haven’t started the flow yet? Were these new subscribers added before the flow went live? When you are getting started with flows one of the great features of using flows is that these emails are automatically sent to everyone who meets the conditions for each step of your flow once they have started the flow. Your subscribers have likely already received your planned email for today. You can check how many subscribers received which emails by looking at the flow analytics and compare it to your list size. The analytics will show you the number of people Waiting, Delivered or Skipped.

It is important to remember that only customers who subscribe after the flow went live will be added to the flow. If your subscribers joined before it went live, you can back-populate the flow. This feature can be found in the Manage Flow dropdown menu within the flow. This will allow all of your subscribers to go through this flow who haven’t started it yet. However, they will go through the flow starting from the beginning, if they haven’t already received the first email. 

If your subscribers have received the first email of the flow and you want to resend a specific email, there are two ways you can resend any flow or campaign email to a single recipient:

  • From an individual profile’s personal Inbox
  • From the Recipient Activity view of a message

You can only re send messages marked as sent or skipped in Klaviyo. If a message is currently scheduled to go out or was cancelled, you cannot resend it. Currently, you must also resend messages one at a time. 

I hope this helps to clarify and gives you a great jumping off point on your Klaviyo journey with flows! Thank you so much for being part of the Klaviyo Community!

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Thank you for your response, Stephen! After I posted here, I kept researching and found what had been happening. For some reason, half of my subscribers where sitting in the waiting list and it said they were scheduled for next Monday (a week from today). I’m not sure why it put them in waiting when some of them had subscribed before the flow began? So, here is what I did to fix the issue:

  1. I removed the double opt-in for my subscribers
  2. I deleted the email that had half my subscribers in “waiting” (the email had already been sent to the other half of my subscribers and wasn’t necessary to send at this point)
  3. I removed the “Time Delay”

By doing all of these things, my “waiting subscribers” were instantly sent the email for today and are caught up with the rest of my subscriber list. I had set this flow up to run on a specific date (as an “event”), rather than it being a new subscriber flow. This is my first flow and experience with Klaviyo, so I will understand the system better moving forward.

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Hey @carespost 

That is truly great news that you were able to figure this out on your own!  It’s definitely a challenge to troubleshoot flows if you aren’t looking at them with how many variables affect how they send. I am so glad you got it!